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How Much Does a Garage Door Cost?

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How Much Does a Garage Door Cost?

The cost of a garage door can change based on additional items, but that doesn't mean it's too expensive.

Each year, Remodeling Magazine reviews the top home improvement jobs, from garage door replacements to bathroom renovations, and discusses how much they’ll cost and how much return on investment (ROI) you get for that type of project. Garage door replacements have been measured for the past 10 years, and surprisingly, they tend to be one of the best investments you can make on your home.

In 2020, Remodeling Magazine reported that in the Mid Atlantic section of the United States, you could get as much as 106% back for a quality garage door replacement. What does a garage door replacement include?

As explained by Remodeling Magazine, a standard garage door replacement includes the following: “Remove and dispose of existing 16x7-foot garage door and tracks. Install new four-section garage door on new heavy-duty galvanized steel tracks; reuse existing motorized opener. New door has a lifetime warranty, and is made with high-tensile-strength steel with two coats of factory-applied paint, is foam insulated to minimum R-12, and includes thermal seals between pinch-resistant panels. Windows in top panel are ½-inch insulated glass. Hardware includes galvanized steel hinges and ball-bearing urethane rollers.”

To summarize the data, here are Remodeling Magazine’s findings. In the Mid Atlantic region, the average cost of a complete garage door replacement is $3,791, with the resale value of $4,031. That is over 100% ROI (return on investment), with the recoup being 106%. Similarly, the national average cost of a garage door replacement is $3,696, with the resale value of $3,491, putting the ROI at 95%. Compared to other home improvement jobs, garage door replacement ranks the highest in terms of a positive and worthwhile investment.

Though it’s reported that $3,791 is the average, there are several factors that can affect the price of your garage door replacement and should be considered when shopping around.


Standard Raised Panel Steel Doors

Steel garage doors are by far the most popular type of doors sold in America today. They come in three grades: single layer, double layer, and three layer steel sandwich doors. If you’d like to read more about door construction, you can read more here.

On the low end are single layer, uninsulated doors as shown above. Solid single wide steel doors can range between $900–$1150, and if you want windows, the cost can increase to $1100–$1200. Solid double wide steel garage doors come in at around $2000–$2200, with windows bringing the price to about $2300–$2500.

Mid range doors contain mid-grade steel and are 3-layer insulated construction (as shown above) which cost about $1300–$1500 for a single solid. If you opt for windows, you’re looking at about $1,450–$1,600. Double wide solid steel doors cost between $2,400–$2,700 and go to $2,600–$2,950 with the addition of windows.

The prices discussed above are standard prices for doors. However, just like anything, there is a wide range of high end products and they can cost as much as $10,000. This price point can come about when quoting custom doors made of wood or vinyl. These custom doors will be discussed within the article.

Standard Size vs Custom Size

Standard sizes include 8 feet wide x 7 feet high, 9x7, 8x8, 9x8, and 16x7 and 16x8 for double wide. Height changes in standard 3-inch increments and don’t affect the cost of the door. However, custom width changes do come with a price tag.

Different manufacturers have different “standards” for garage door widths. While one manufacturer may offer a 10-foot wide door as a “standard,” the next may not. If your garage is not a standard size, and the garage door manufacturer you choose doesn’t carry a door with that specific width, your garage requires a semi-custom cut to fit the width of the frame. Be prepared for an up-charge of about $300–$400 and you may lose some of the reveal on your door. But before jumping to conclusions, consult your Door Designer and they can help walk you through the process.

Standard Design vs Custom Design

When shopping for a new garage door, you can often be faced with the question of a standard design or a custom one, unique to your home. Custom designs will lead to a higher cost, but the curb appeal that a custom door offers is second to none. When designing a custom door, you can mix materials, completely choose the layout and look of your door, and really create a door that is all your own. Custom doors come with a hefty price tag, but the money is worth it when the garage door truly looks like a piece of art. Below are examples of custom garage doors from Carriage House Door Company.






Standard clear glass can be added to your door for an additional cost, often as little as $100. However, there are so many different glass options available, many people choose to customize their garage doors with a designer glass. Whether you opt for popular seeded glass or energy efficient insulated glass will determine the additional price for the windows. Custom glass can range between $150–$600. There are so many different glass options, so depending on your budget, you’ll find the right glass for your door.

Special Finishing

In many instances, customizing your door allows you to choose special finishes on your garage door. This can be a stain on a mahogany wood door or a stain-like paint finish on a high end vinyl door. Depending on the special finish you choose, the price can be between $500–$1,000 per door. Below you can see a stain-like finish on a Fimbel vinyl garage door.




We discussed the price ranges for a standard steel door above. But similar to types of glass, there are many different garage door materials. Each comes with their own pros and cons and different price points, but understanding what type of material suits your needs is an important part in understanding how much your garage door will cost you.

  • Steel is durable and versatile. It can be stamped to mimic wood grain and is pretty budget friendly. It’s less customizable than some other materials.
  • Vinyl is durable and lightweight. It’s customizable, low maintenance, and can be budget friendly. It absorbs heat quickly which can limit the color choices, based on the exposure.
  • Wood is available in many different wood species, such as cedar or mahogany. It’s completely customizable and offers a high end look. However, wood garage doors can get pretty expensive quickly and require regular maintenance.
  • Wood Composites are more value efficient materials for garage doors. Wood composites offer the look and feel of real wood, without the extensive maintenance or price tag.
  • Fiberglass is another option for a homeowner interested in a wood door without the work or price that comes with it. Fiberglass is less prone to warping than real wood and can withstand moisture and insects.
  • Aluminum garage doors can be made to look like wood and are lighter than steel doors and it’s a rust-proof material.


Your garage door tracks are mounted to woodwork inside your garage, often referred to as goal posts and liners. Any knowledgeable garage door company will inspect the existing woodwork in your garage for any damage, prior to installation, for any rot, insect damage, or unusable mounting locations. The cost of replacing woodwork in your garage can start at about $200, but can be more depending on the damage.

While this may sound like a headache, it’s beneficial to your door and your wallet to have the woodwork replaced prior to installation. A door installed on damaged woodwork would need to be taken down and reinstalled once the wood is replaced. Fixing the issue before installation can prevent any issues with the door’s ability to work correctly, help prolong the overall life of the door, and stop you from having to call the company back when issues arise.

Motor Replacement

In standard garage door replacements, the existing motor can be reused in most cases, but with so many quality motors on the market, it’s not surprising that about 66% of the time, homeowners purchase new motors. That can cost between $399–$899, but motors today aren’t made like they used to be. LiftMaster motors come with built in myQ technology, and many other features that justify the cost and help make your home more safe and efficient.


Insulation helps stop heat loss from your garage. But it’s not always necessary to insulate your garage door. You need to think about the purpose of your garage. A detached garage that’s used to store tools and equipment may not be worth paying the extra money for insulation. But if your garage is attached to your home, serves as a main entryway, or is used as a workshop where you entertain your hobbies, insulation may be a really important feature. Insulation can run between $150–$500, which can be a lot of money if the garage doesn’t need it, but can also be invaluable if the garage is an important part of the home.

Company Installing the Garage Door

The garage door you choose is only as good as the company you choose to install it. You need to choose a company that has installation standards, is trustworthy, and accountable for their work. Precision Garage Door’s installation standards require us to pay attention to detail and take the extra step each stage of the installation to make sure your door performs to its highest potential, for years to come. We drug and background check every employee to ensure all of our installers and technicians are trustworthy individuals as they represent our company. All of our employees work for Precision, so there are no subcontractors. We are accountable for the work we do for you, and though we pride ourselves on doing it right the first time, if there are ever any issues or questions, you’ll know who to call.


Garage Door Prices Garage Door Prices
  1. Traditional Uninsulated Steel - Reliable and maintenance free, traditional steel garage doors can match any home’s exterior.

  2. Upgraded Design & Insulation - The same durable steel you know and love with more updated and stylish designs.

  3. Contemporary Doors with 3 Layers of Stability - Recognized by their clean lines and crisp design, contemporary garage doors offer a unique curb appeal.

  4. Vinyl and Wood Composite - Extremely customizable vinyl and wood composite garage doors with virtually no maintenance makes this door a top choice for homeowners.

  5. Glass Garage Doors - Achieve a simple minimalist look on your home without sacrificing beauty with a glass garage door.

  6. Wood Garage Doors - The craftsmanship put into wood garage doors simply can’t be beat, and neither can their beauty!

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